Electronics currently make up 18% of a vehicle's value, rising to 35% by the year 2010.  The remarkable new MOBI-ARC Control Unit:  No moving parts....it's a good thing.

Mobile Welding & Power (MWP) is the only manufacturer and supplier of universal solid-state control units for the alternator actuated welding world.  Designed and engineered to provide clients unparalleled flexibility, we introduce a line of control units that can control any alternator and channel power for portable welding, safe battery jump/boost charging, regulated DC power for specialty devices, power-tools, and lighting.

At MWP, we are both a proactive and reactive organization.  We have responded to user's needs by engineering control units that are both simple to use, and simple to install.  Our goal is to provide better value through increased performance, reliability and quality.  We've succeeded.

12 volt or 24 volt.  From farming to mining, from the utility industry to the off-road enthusiast, we've got a system to fit your needs. With customers like Lockheed Martin, Kawasaki, Textron, and Bombardier, it's no mystery why MWP has become the industry standard when it comes to alternator actuated welding and power.

Mobi-Arc Control Unit

In order to address your individual needs and preferences, MOBI-ARC is available in three models with a wide range of options to satisfy your application requirements.


On-the-Trail Repairs

Industrial Applications

"On the trail repairs" "Industrial Applications"


Product Highlights:


Power Produced:                                 Hi Freq. Direct Current (DC)
Welding Amperage:                            50 amps to 300 amps
Duty Cycle:                                         100% 
Open Circuit Voltage:                         42 volts
Closed Circuit ARC Voltage:             18 to 28 volts
Electrode Sizes:                                   up to 5/32" (4.0mm)
Dimensions (W x H x D):                    5.2" x 2.5" x 4.6"
Weight: 24 oz.
State-of-the-Art MOSFET Architecture
Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) Regulation
100% Solid-State Engineering
No Mechanical Solenoids, Contacts, Switches, or Relays
Completely Automatic Switching Between Functions
Universal - Connects to Any 12v or 24v Alternator
Optional MOBI-POWER with 120v Outlet, 2.5kW or 4.5kw
Fully Programmable Mode Select Modules
Thermal Overload, Vibration, Dust, and Moisture Protection
Fail-Safe Mode - Won't Damage Vehicles or Void Warranties
Flexible - Can be Shared Between Multiple Vehicles
Increases Battery Life by Regulating Voltage and Amperage




"It's a rare occurrence when a product's performance exceeds one's expectations: 

MOBI-ARC does."
- Arc Products


MOBI-ARC In Action

In the Field Repairs
"Farming and Utility Companies"

"Off-Road Recovery"

Kawasaki Mule
"Ranch and Turf Utility - Kawasaki Mule"