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MOBI-ARC 130 MOBI-ARC 200x MOBI-ARC 300 I-Series Industrial

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    We are  pleased to announce that MOBI-ARC has been issued a design patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  Patent # 6,667,600



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MOBI-ARC is honored to be chosen as the official on-board welder for the Red Bull Rock Crawling Team skippered by extreme sports enthusiast Mr. Dustin "Pan" Webster. 
WARN has introduced a solid-state MOSFET control pack to replace electro-mechanical solenoids.  MOSFET devices are  used in ALL MOBI-ARC Control Units and are the most reliable way to switch power. 
"Every owner of WARN low-profile winches with Series WoundTM motors is a candidate for the most robust and reliable control pack possible. It replaces the electro-mechanical solenoid and uses no moving parts to control the Power In, Power Out and Step functions of the winch."

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